Tuesday, 27 September 2016

September block swap - CathyC & Jan F

Jan was my partner for September in the Christmas Quilting Block Swap.

Jan sent me this beautiful Starburst Cross

I sent her this pinwheel block - Jan's request was for bright colours, I hope this is bright enough!

Sunday, 11 September 2016

last one .. this is all of them ...

 Jan S to Marilyn H

Jen D to Kimberly W

Jen D to Tracy W

Karen W to Bobbie B

 Karen W to Jan F

 Kimberly W to Becky M

Kimberly W to Cathy C

Kimberly W to Jen D

Kimberly W to Tracy W

Linda B to Tracy W

Tracy W to Kimberly W

Linda B to Vicki K

Brenda T to Julie J

Natasha B to Brenda T

Pamela A to Fiona 

Pamela A to Natasha B

Pamela A to Vicki K

Table runners by Vicki K

Traci to Linda B

Tracy W to Becky M

Tracy W to Dawnelle S

Tracy W  to Jen D

there will be more at the end of the month ... .... i hope to stay on top of these ... thanks for dropping by ... 

half way there ....

Helen W to Bobbie B

Helen W to Brenda T

Helen W to Charmaine F

Helen W to Jan F

Helen W to Karen W

Jan F to Amanda M

 Jan F to Helen W

Jan F to Jan S

Jan F to Karen W

Jan F to Kimberly W

Jan F to Wendy W

Jan F to Vicki K

Jan S To Karen W

Jan S to Becky M

Jan S to Bobbie B

 Jan S to Charmaine F

Jan S to Erin B

Jan S to Jan F 

Jan S to Jan F 

 Jan S to Kimberly W

so many ...

Brenda T to Erin B

 Cathy C to Wendy W

Brenda T to Natasha B

Brenda T to Kimberly W

Brenda T to Helen 

Charmaine F to Brenda T

 Charmaine F to Deborah V

Charmaine F to Helen

Charmaine F to Jan S

Charmaine F to Vicki K

Charmaine F to Wendy W

 Dawnelle S to Amanda M

 Dawnelle S to Brenda T

Dawnelle S to Deborah V

Dawnelle S to Tracy W

 Deborah V to Brenda T

 Deborah V to Dawnelle S

 Deborah V to Linda B

 Erin B to Benda T

 Erin B to Jan S